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Clearwater, Jacob, Farmhouse (Springfield, Oregon)

Clearwater, Jacob, Farmhouse (Springfield, Oregon)
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Architecture, American Architecture Farmhouses Gothic revival (Architecture)--United States
Jacob Clearwater Farmhouse (Springfield, Oregon) Jacob and Missouri Benner Clearwater House (Springfield, Oregon)
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Jacob Clearwater (builder/contractor) Martin Clearwater (designer/builder)
The 1874 Jacob and Missouri Benner Clearwater House is locally significant under National Register Criterion C, in the area of architecture. The Clearwater family, including sons Jacob and James, participated in the western migration of the mid-to-late 1800s to Oregon, traveling the Oregon Trail, like so many before them. The family settled on 320 acres outside of Springfield, Oregon, along the Middle Fork of the Willamette River in the Willamette Valley, in 1865. They proceeded to clear the land and begin farming the land on which the Jacob Clearwater Farmhouse is still located. Jacob married Missouri Benner in 1888 and the couple and their family resided at this location, engaging in row crop cultivation, dairy and beef cattle ranching, and hop farming. Prior to his marriage, Jacob and his father constructed the house known as the Jacob and Missouri Benner Clearwater Farmhouse today. The house is an excellent, rural example of the Gothic Revival style in Lane County. It is one of only four previously identified, remaining single-family residences built before 1874 in Springfield. Although the style and type were once relatively common, the Clearwater Farmhouse is the only example of the centered gable subtype of the Gothic Revival style extant in Springfield today. The house retains good integrity, and clearly conveys its historic significance, evident in its appearance and style, including its massing, materials, and overall design National Register of Historic Places (Listed, 2017) This content is included in Building Oregon: Architecture of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, a digital collection which provides documentation about the architectural heritage of the Pacific Northwest.
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1656 Clearwater Lane
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Larson, David and Deanna. Photos by Deanna Larson. "Jacob Clearwater Farmhouse, National Register Nomination." (2017)
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