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Antelope School (Antelope, Oregon)

Antelope School (Antelope, Oregon)
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Antelope Community Center (Antelope, Oregon)
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The Antelope School is a significant representative of rural education in central Oregon during the first half of the twentieth century. A testament to the continued commitment to education of the residents of the town and vicinity, since its completion in 1925 it has been by far the most substantial building in Antelope, occupying the most prominent parcel in town, filling a wide variety of community roles. The school is the third built in Antelope, and was the central focus of education in the surrounding area for 60 years. The Antelope School stands out among other rural schools of its period because of its size and breadth of education offered (including primary through secondary until 1936), designed to meet the state requirements for Standard Schools at all grade levels through that time. Although after 1936 the Antelope School no longer provided instruction for all grade levels, it continued to provide instruction at the elementary and intermediate levels until 1983, when it was closed as a public school, an event that is associated with the Rajneesh movement’s establishment of political dominance of the town. From its construction in 1925 to the present, the school has been a focus of community activity, hosting school activities, community events, and locally produced plays. The school has also functioned as the local polling place and the seat of local government, concurrent with and subsequent to its role as a place of formal education. The Antelope School is also locally significant for its architecture as a unique example of a formal, concrete Classical Revival-style school building in this extremely rural setting where one and two-room, wooden schoolhouses are far more typical. Source: Oregon State Historic Preservation Office.
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