Jasmine Armas Oral History Interview ~ 2015 OSU Students of Color Speak Out

Jasmine Armas Oral History Interview ~ 2015 OSU Students of Color Speak Out
An oral history interview conducted by OSU student Lyndi-Rae Petty as part of her undergraduate honors thesis. Video Interview: https://media.oregonstate.edu/media/0_nxq8zrkm
Jasmine Armas discusses growing up in Los Angeles county, particularly Maywood and Lakewood, California. Armas talks about how her community helped shape her. Armas goes on to describe her decision-making process for picking Oregon State University for her college education. Armas then comments on her first impressions of the university. She then discusses how she came to be involved with social justice work on campus and how she became involved with the organization of the Speak Out. Armas then gives her opinion on how things can be made better for students of color after the Speak Out. Afterwards, Armas also describes the campus climate post Speak Out. Armas concludes the interview offering advice to new students on how to conduct social justice work on campus.
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Biographical Information
At the time of the interview, Jasmine Armas was a fourth-year undergraduate student studying zoology at Oregon State University. Armas was involved in various campus groups Kappa Delta Chi Sorority incorporated, a Latina founded organization, Social Change Leadership Programs, and Student Leadership Involvement. Jasmine Armas was one of the three students - along with Haniya Ferrell and Jesseanne Pope - involved with organizing the Students of Color Speak Out event in 2015. Armas is from Los Angeles county California, specifically Maywood and Lakewood, California.