Haniya Ferrell Oral History Interview ~ 2015 OSU Students of Color Speak Out

Haniya Ferrell Oral History Interview ~ 2015 OSU Students of Color Speak Out
An oral history interview conducted by OSU student Lyndi-Rae Petty as part of her undergraduate honors thesis. Video Interview: https://media.oregonstate.edu/media/t/0_24sid1l9
Haniya Ferrell discusses growing up in Antioch, California, and how her community shaped her. Ferrell then details her decision-making process for coming to Oregon State University. She describes her involvement in social justice programs and initiatives on campus and how she came to be involved. Afterwards, Ferrell describes the process leading up to the Speak Out event. She then retells what happened after the event and the expected outcomes. Ferrell concludes the interview by discussing the campus “climate” after the event, and the first steps the administrators can take to create a better environment for students of color.
May 26, 2017
Oregon Multicultural Archives
More Information: http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/oregonmulticulturalarchives/2020/04/27/2015-osu-speak-out-oral-history-interviews/
Biographical Information
At the time of the interview, Haniya Ferrell was an undergraduate student at Oregon State University. During her time at OSU, she worked at the Centro Cultural César Chávez, Social Change Leadership Programs, and in ASOSU as the Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs. Ferrell was one of the three students – along with Jasmine Armas and Jesseanne Pope - who organized the 2015 OSU Students of Color Speak Out. She was raised in Antioch, California.