Urmila Mali Oral History Interview 2017

Urmila Mali Oral History Interview 2017
Tami Gann
Mali begins by discussing how she arrived in the United States via the American Nepal Education Foundation Association founder Hugh Wood, an educator at the University of Oregon. She and her sisters were fostered by Dr. Wood in Tillamook, Oregon. She talks about her time in the Tillamook Public School system and how she handled the discrimination she and her sisters faced. She also tells how she and her sisters were able to retain their Nepali cultural traditions, and how they still maintain them today. She expresses her feeling at the loss of her Nepali, and a feeling of relief that she has not lost her Newari. In the 1990s, her parents arrived via green cards obtained through her sister, and she discusses her family’s navigation through H1B VISAs, the VISA lottery and her feelings regarding no one in her family retaining Nepali citizenship. Led by questions of the interviewer she talks about her American-ness, and this leads into a discussion of a visit she made to Nepal, the overwhelming feelings she had as she attempted to reconcile her childhood memories with today’s Nepal. She talks briefly on the Oregon Nepali community, her graduate studies at Oregon State University and her work at the Educational Opportunities Program. Again, in response to an interviewer led question, she talks about where she feels her voice as an immigrant fits in the conversation of race and racism with the United States, incidents at OSU and another incident of racism her sister encountered while traveling through Idaho. ~ Interview Audio: https://media.oregonstate.edu/media/t/0_zo3vscmo Oregon Multicultural Archives Oral History Collection (OH 18)
Date: November 17, 2017 Location: Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR Length: 01:20:52 Interviewee: Urmila Mali Interviewer: Tami Gann
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